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Vincent VanGoose" is a unique arts and crafts studio/gallery.  It is located at 404 Adams Ave., in the small town of Johnston City, Illinois.
 Arts and crafts lessons  are  taught days, nights, and weekends in the studio.  The classes are by appointment only (for up to 12 students ). 
Classes are for adults and school-aged children k-12.  Almost any art , craft, or cultural awareness class is taught.  This studio is a Christian learning environment  (Jesus' name will be mentioned and Christian stories will be told). 

Vincent VanGoose  houses two small galleries: One gallery contains "Native American Crafts" , unique gifts , cards, and "Country Crafts" for sale...The other, contains paintings, drawings, and other fine art media for sale.  Tours are free to the public.  Tours  and shopping at Vincent VanGoose's two galleries are  also by appointment only.  However, appointments can be made with very little notice.  Just call ahead (30 minutes in advance of your visit) and Sabra will meet you at the gallery.

Vincent VanGoose  has space for meetings or parties too.   Call Sabra for details.
Special Events at Vincent VanGoose Studio & Gallery and all information about classes offered are contained on this website (on page 5). 

 Sabra Sones, a retired arts and humanities teacher from the state of Kentucky, is the owner and operator of "Vincent VanGoose".

Email:  ssones18@aol.com

                      Vincent VanGoose Studio & Gallery is also on Facebook, please "like" , leave comments,and "review" on the business page.

Please call soon  for shopping, a tour, or to register for a class.  You will Love your visit.

 Vincent VanGoose is open 7 days per week (By appointment or event only)
Mon.-Sat. appointments available from 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
Sun. appointments available from 3 p.m.-9 p.m.
Phone (502)410-9119   

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                                           Page 5:  Studio Classes Offered & Upcoming Classes or events

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